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Featured products

100 Mix Roses Arrangement

100 Mix Roses Arrangement
Rs 5,000 (INR)

111 Red Roses Bunch

111 Red Roses Bunch
Rs 2,800 (INR)

3 layer Bamboo

3 layer Lucky Bamboo
Rs 750 (INR)

Bunch of Mix Roses

12 mix rose with simple packing
Rs 780 (INR)

Jewellery for your valentine

Jewellery for your valentine
Rs 8,500 (INR) Rs 7,000 (INR)

Mix Beauty

8 yellow Gerberas 6 red Roses, 5 yellow Glades, 4 Cycus, Gypsy and Dracaena
Rs 1,050 (INR)

Pink Gerberas

10 pink Gerberas with Cycus.
Rs 950 (INR)

Roses in Vase

12 Red Roses in vase
Rs 880 (INR)

Sweet Surprise

A basket of 60 mix roses arranged beautifully in horizontal rows to surprise your loved one.
Rs 1,800 (INR)

White Glade Basket

A basket of 25 white Glade, 12 Gerbera.
Rs 1,355 (INR)