Festive month November
Celebrate the festive month of November with flowers

November 2019 with plentiful reasons to gift flowers to your special ones

November 2019 gives everyday a new reason to buy fresh flowers

It is that time of the year when there are lights, joy and happiness around the corner. No matter how much you try to escape the sight of hot Jalebis and Gulaab Jamuns in the making, you do feel the most tempted and end up munching loads of chocolates and sweets, day and night. And why not, it is the happiest and the festive time of the year.

In fact, during this time, when all the major festivals are around the corner, people not only groom themselves, but also look forward to decorate their homes in the best way they can. All, the major Hindu Festivals are falling in this month, so there are enough reasons why we need the blooming flowers as a part of those special moments. We aim to offer the most attractive range of fresh flowers arranged in the most creative way, so that it makes the impression as supposed.

When we wish people, gifting flowers is always a great idea, which makes their day more special and vivacious. So, we are here going to clue you the times on which it will be best to carry a bouquet/bunch of fresh flowers, whenever you are up to meet your special and dear ones:

  1. Decorate the Mandir:

When you see all the festivals falling in the same month, it becomes primarily crucial to decorate the holy corner of the house. We make sure all our pious deities and their temple look the most beautiful and decorated. All the members of the family come together to eat, laugh and pray together. Some of us even happen to invite our close friends and relatives for the Pooja and celebration.

So, make an impression with the best flower decoration in your mandir. Florists can even come over and decorate it creatively for you, so that these moments of get together always linger in your memory like the fragrance of fresh flowers.

  1. Home décor:

Decorating only a corner of the house and keeping the entire house look mundane, kinda kills the festive vibes majorly. Do not let that happen, we can help you out! Especially during the Diwali time, we get our houses cleaned and painted, so much so that it looks new and special. So, when we ourself wear new clothes, but new things, decorate the mandir, our house needs to be decorated with lights and flowers as well.

The fresh flower decorations around the house makes the house look attractive as well as it up keeps the aura of the house with amazing natural fragrance. Many florists near you also offer Malaas that can be creatively stuck or hung, over and around the interiors and there you go! If you cannot figure this house décor with flowers yourself, there are florists that can help you with that too! After all, these days are crucial!

  1. Decorate your Rangoli:

Rangoli making is the best part of every festivity. When we add so many lights, flowers, we also add colors to our sight by making awe-inspiring rangolis on the floor. This is also a gesture to give a good welcome view to all your guests and make them feel special.

But have you ever thought, you can make your rangoli look even more pretty and popping out, by adding flowers and Diyas into it. Yes, the flowers of different colors add the oomph and multiply the visual satisfaction of the viewer. You may reach out to the florists near you to get the inspirations regarding rangoli decoration with flowers and create the best rangoli ever.

  1. Wish your dear ones with flowers:

Not only do people visit your house during the festive season, even you go out with your family to meet all your close friends and relatives. We never forget to take some lip smacking sweets along with us; similarly, it is also very thoughtful and pleasant to gift a bunch of flowers for your special ones.

And the best part is that it does not even call for much effort, just buy the best and decorative flower bouquets or flower bunches from any florists and you are done!

  1. Birthdays and anniversaries, Of course:

Also, there are various special days, other than festivals and public celebration days. We have our close friends or family members having their birthdays, anniversaries, house warming parties, inaugurations or various other special occasions. Flowers are a way of spreading happiness and are a decent option to gist people on their special days.


So, we have given you enough reasons why every day of this coming month of November be made special with fresh and decorative flowers. And the best part is that flowers spread smiles and joy without even harming the environment. So, have happy celebrations with loads of flowers and good vibes!

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