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Carnations & Roses Bunch

15 Carnations, 15 Roses, 5 Lily purple, 1 teddy 6", 1 vase packed with purple ribbon.
Rs 2,200 (INR)

Lilly in Vase

2 yellow Lilly in vase with simple paper packing
Rs 1,100 (INR)

Love at first site

A secret crush. A long friendship turned romance.
Rs 1,650 (INR)

Roses, Lilly and Gerberas

An extra ordinary arrangement of 35 mix roses, white Lilly and Gerberas.
Rs 2,275 (INR)

Yellow Lilly Vase

10 red and yellow roses, 5 yellow Lilly in glass vase.
Rs 1,250 (INR)