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Basket of Gerbera

21 yellow and red Gerberas.
Rs 1,150 (INR)

Bunch of Gerberas

20 pink and white Gerbera, purple crap paper packing tied with white bow.
Rs 1,150 (INR)

Lavish piece to gift

One sided arrangement of dry sticks and natural flowers. It’s a lavish piece to gift on house warming or say Congratulations.
Rs 1,835 (INR)

Mix Beauty

8 yellow Gerberas 6 red Roses, 5 yellow Glades, 4 Cycus, Gypsy and Dracaena
Rs 1,050 (INR)

Orange Gerberas

A Uniquely designed basket of bright orange Gerberas
Rs 900 (INR)

Orange Gerberas Bunch

12 orange Gerberas packed with dotted paper with orange bow
Rs 830 (INR)

Pink and White Gerberas

30 pink and white Gerberas in pink paper packing
Rs 1,250 (INR)

Pink color basket

A Lovely combination of dry sticks and natural flowers. Pink color basket of pink Gerberas and dry pink sticks.
Rs 1,125 (INR)