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Bouquet 8

Rs 1,700 (INR)

Bunch of 50 Red Roses

50 red roses packed with dotted paper.
Rs 1,550 (INR)

Bunch of Mix Roses

12 mix rose with simple packing
Rs 780 (INR)

Bunch of Red Roses

15 red Roses, 6 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, brown and white paper packing with golden net.
Rs 1,325 (INR)

Bunch of Red Roses

12 red roses with simple paper pack
Rs 780 (INR)

Bunch of Roses

12 mix Roses - red yellow, white with bubble packing.
Rs 880 (INR)

Bunch of Yellow Roses

15 yellow Roses packed in orange dotted paper.
Rs 825 (INR)

C shaped basket

A C shaped basket of the combination of white and red Roses with filling of Chrysanthemum.
Rs 1,310 (INR)